When Is It Time To Get A New Garage Door?

Does you garage door look clean and have little or no damage?

Does it run smoothly with no rough patches?

Has it been service in the last 12 months?

Does the door open?

If you answered no to any of these questions then you need to talk to one of our professional servicemen. We not only will come to you but will look at all aspects of your garage door system and make sure that it is running correctly and safely. We have a checklist that we use that checks all the functions of the garage door and we can point out areas that may need attention. Not only will this make sure the door is safe for you and your family but also add extra years to the door as it will make sure that it does not wear out sooner than it should.

Another point to consider is that the garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and just that alone makes servicing the door an important fact. This is why just the spring system on the door should be regularly checked to make sure that the whole system is working correctly.

Also in 1992 the Safety Commission released a new law on automatic door openers:

-External entrapment protection device, such as an “electric eye” which “sees” an object obstructing the door without having actual contact with the object. Another similar device would be a door edge sensor. The door edge sensor acts much like the door edge sensors on elevator doors.

-Constant contact control button which is a wall-mounted button requiring a person to hold in the control button continuously for the door to close completely. If the button is released before the door closes, the door would reverse and open to the highest position. The remote control transmitter will not close the door with this option.

Additionally, all newly-manufactured garage door openers must include a sticker warning consumers of the potential entrapment hazard. The sticker is to be placed near the wall mounted control button.

Source: https://www.cpsc.gov/content/safety-commission-publishes-final-rules-for-automatic-garage-door-openers

Basically this made it safer for your family, and also means that if your door is older than 1992, it could be unsafe and should be looked at.

Please call us now so we can look at your garage door.